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Dr. Sandra Galindo was born in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico, and moved to the United States in 2001 where she currently lives. She has a Ph.D. in Culture, Literacy, and Language, a M.A. in Bicultural-Bilingual Studies, both from the University of Texas at San Antonio,  and a B.A. in Communications. Her doctoral dissertation titled “Media representation of immigration in a migrant provider and migrant receptor country: A critical discourse analysis” was semifinalist in the American Association for Hispanics in Higher Education (AAHHE) Outstanding dissertation competition in 2013. Dr. Sandra Galindo is currently teaching at Palo Alto College as part of the Behavioral Sciences Department. Dr. Galindo experience in higher education is a continuation of years teaching in universities and colleges both in Mexico and the United States.  Dr. Galindo has taught Humanities (face to face and online), Culture Studies, and Mexican American Studies courses at Palo Alto College, and Northwest Vista College. Previously Dr. Galindo taught, from 2008 to 2012, cultural and linguistic diversity courses at upper level in the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). In her native Mexico, Dr. Sandra Galindo worked as an adjunct faculty teaching Media and Media Production upper level courses in the Universidad Autonoma del Noreste (UANE).  Dr. Galindo worked for 16 years both in Mexico and the United States as a reporter and editor  in Spanish language media. Currently Dr. Galindo is working in several books and other publications while she continues with her research and teaching.

Research interests are, but no limited to: Media and Latinos, Immigration & Migration, Pop Culture, Culture and Media, Media Literacy, Media and gender, Media and minorities.


Ph.D. Culture, Literacy and Language.
University of Texas at San Antonio. 2008- 2012

Master of Arts in Bicultural - Bilingual Studies.
Bicultural studies concentration. University of Texas at San Antonio, 2007.

Bachelor of Arts in Communications
Sierra Madre Superior Education Technology Center, 1998


2009-2012 Culture, Literacy, and Language Departmental Fellowship


Distance Learning Teaching Certification, Alamo Colleges- Palo Alto, 2015
Certificate of College Teaching, University of Texas at San Antonio, 2009
Certificate in Public Speaking, University of Miami, 2000
Certificate in Artistic Techniques of Film and TV, University of Miami, 2000


Dissertation: Media Representation of Immigration in a Migrant Provider and Migrant Receptor Country: A Critical Discourse Analysis
(Honorable mention, Kurt M. Landgraf Outstanding dissertation award at the American
Association for Hispanics in Higher Education (AAHHE) outstanding dissertation competition (2014))

The purpose of this research is to analyze how the media represents immigrants based on the language used in articles about immigration issues, and how that choice of words contribute to shape the creation of stereotypical ideas about certain ethnic groups. All this aims to contribute to a growing body of literature on language used by the media and its influence over the media consumers. Critical discourse analysis will be the approach utilized to analyze the online newspapers.


Adjunct Faculty (2016- )
Northwest Vista College, San Antonio, TX.

 Duties included: organizing and creating course syllabus, course page on Canvas, developing and supervising students’ online activities, grading assignments, organizing grades on Canvas, and selecting media materials related to the course.
Online courses taught 2016: Introduction to Humanities I (online course)

Adjunct Faculty (2015- )

Palo Alto College, San Antonio, TX.
Duties included: organizing and creating the course syllabus,  course page on Canvas,
developing and supervising students’ class activities, presenting lectures, grading assignments,
organizing grades on Canvas, and selecting media materials related to the course.
Courses taught 2015: Introduction to Humanities, and World Cultures.
Courses taught 2016: World Cultures.
Courses taught 2017: Introduction to Humanities (both online and face to face), Introduction to Mexican American Studies, and Mexican American Fine Arts Appreciation.

Teaching Assistant I &II, (2008-2012)
University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX.
Professors: Drs. Ellen Riojas Clark, Howard Smith, Patricia Sanchez, Esther Garza, Linda Jackson, Margarita Machado Casas.
Assisted professors with the design and teaching of an upper level course titled “Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in a Pluralistic Society” (BBL3403). Each semester my duties were to: the creation of the course page on Blackboard, develop and supervise the activities directed to the students in class, both in the classroom and in online settings, presentation of lecture, grading the student’s assignments, organizing the grades on Blackboard. During the summer sessions, I was in charge of the course, creation of the course Blackboard page, organizing the lectures and activities for the semester, and selection of materials such as media (videos).

Adjunct Faculty (2000-2001)
Universidad Autonoma del Noreste, Saltillo, México.
Planned and developed a curriculum to improve students’ learning using all types of media. I had the opportunity to teach six courses: 1) Film Theory 2) Radio and Television Theory 3) Film Production 4) Television Production 5) Media activities in Communication 6) Observational Practices 7) Audiovisual Techniques.


Freelance Translator 2007- present
Translation of academic papers, brochures, documents, websites, power point presentations, forms, and advertisements from English to Spanish.

Graduate Assistant
University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX 2007
Dr. Ellen Riojas Clark
Assisted professor with the design and logistics of a graduate level summer course half of the time in the United States and half in Mexico. Part of my duties were: Research sources in schools and universities in Mexico that could offer lectures and opportunities to observe and know in depth the Mexican school system, and coordinated all elements of lodging and transportation.

Editor: Television section
Meximerica Media Inc. (Founding editorial member of RUMBO newspapers). San Antonio, Austin, Houston and Rio Grande Valley, TX 2004- 2006
In charge of selecting the news articles about Television to be published in the Entertainment section. Additional duties: rewriting articles, interviewing celebrities and public figures, writing columns, and fact checker.

Reader Grader 1
UTSA San Antonio, TX 2004
Dr. Armando Trujillo
My duties: assist the professor with grading, organization of absences lists, and to grade student’s assignments.

Reporter, Editor
Vanguardia Newspaper, Saltillo, Mexico, 1991-2003
During the first years I was in charge of reporting, writing and editing material to be published in the entertainment section. During the years I worked in the newspaper the entertainment section grew from one page to an independent section of six pages. As the section grew there were more people working in it and the duties changed. During this time I was in charge of assign stories to the two reporters, wrote and edited articles, and supervised the section process.

American Media (MIRA Magazine), Miami, FL. 2002
Schedule and  interviews of Latino celebrities, research and verification of data, covered any entertainment events, and write articles about them.

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